Health Attacks

We’ve seen it happen to our vocabulary frequently- coveted words are somehow transformed into a mechanized commodity, skewing meaningfulness and significance. Be it “natural”, redundantly used to trick the public into considering a product in its purest form when is often not the case, or “super”, as in superfruits, superbugs, superpacks (UGH), or even “authentic, original, or green” . Somewhere down the line we’ve made anything non-super suddenly feel curiously less than average.

Most abused, through our own processes perhaps, is the word “health”. Sometimes it can alter itself into something scary, something avoidable, or something largely out of our control. It has also inherited massive quantities of confusion surrounding it, as statements we could scarce refer to as more than unfounded opinion, often contradict one-another. Instead we encounter flawed definitions exacerbating the largest complication our North American culture faces today.

What maintaining good health really means is evidently a complex topic. To simplify, it’s best to remind oneself that all living things require specific levels of energy to function. Energy is the essential factor which fuels our entities, including our minds, bodies and ability to withhold a substantial standard of living.

IMG-20140622-00613 (2)
The Universe inside a sweet potato

Energy is health; when we make conscious decisions to eat or act poorly, we deprive ourselves of the energies that enable us to function at capacities suitable for a good standard of living. Whereas the word health can appear broad, energy is a simple concept that can be gauged through consumption, rate of activity and vitality. Without maintaining energy, measurement of health can significantly drop, as our immunities, brain power and movement become limited due to their reliance on “clean energy” sources.

It is paramount that you realize that having good energy (and therefore health) is very much in your control. That eating well and staying active can become a consistent habit that entirely alters your standard of living. Some ailments can be lessened or even cured when health is not simply a luck of the draw, but something that you in large part can bestow upon yourself. Health should not be an intimidating topic, but rather one that you strive to improve upon with fervour and conscientiousness.

Where energy is concerned, something as simple as considering the consumption of a slice of white bread compared to that of a raw red pepper (if you’ve done proper research) can assist you in understanding which digestive choices will help you perform better. In simpler terms, proper energy sources and storage are the stepping stones to sustained levels of good health. It may require a lot of studying and personal trial and error if you are foreign to nutritional benefits of specific foods, but once the essentials have become understood, good, easy health is not only attainable- it’s enjoyable.

Before dismissing or feeling exhausted trying to grasp what health actually entails, stick to the basics and expand from there. Our lives are being stripped from us as we follow unethical, addictive and detrimental habits we have been systematically ushered into acquiring. The warning signs arrive slowly and silently; gradually they take hold and could be irreversible, realized too late as our climate crisis.

Instead we can take back our health and well-being and become supernatural superhumans. We can revert to whole foods-based, organic eating like literally every generation that came before the last fifty years. We can reject the salty, sugary, refined and processed filth that has infiltrated our diets and caused us replete affliction.
Our minds, bodies and planet depend on it.


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